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…Eh, did I convey my intention well? Tendo-san stood there blankly and her bag fell onto the floor… Forget it, I didn’t have time to explain. I guess Tendo-san only asked why I was in such a hurry out of courtesy, but was not really interested in my after school activity. Yup.

I kept sprinting at full speed. And finally, when I reached the school gate…


I caught up with Aguri who was changing her shoes, with no intention to wait for Uehara-kun.

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Aguri glared at me as I panted, and muttered:

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“Ah, the disgusting nerd who is interested in Tasuku…”

“So that’s how you see me!

No wonder she kept glaring at me from afar!

I was stunned, and Aguri-san looked at me with suspicious eyes… Ugh, I caught up to her, but I don’t know where to start. The entire matter needed to be explained from the very start, but he might think I was just speaking up for Tasuku because we were bros… Hmm… From the looks of things…

Making up my mind, I looked at Aguri-san’s… unexpectedly innocent face, and told her:

“W-W-Want to have some tea with me?”

"─── What?"

…… Recently, I felt like I have been chatting up girls a lot.

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