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「…I see, it’s a map.」

It was a rough sketch map of this haunted house.

The curse dispelling amulet is probably at the location where it’s marked with a red x-mark.

(Even so, top, bottom, top, huh…)

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It’s a clever trick to shift people’s attention around.

「Yoshi, let’s hurry ahead.」


If we stay here for too long, the two will not be able to sleep all night.

(…Perhaps, it’s already too late even.)

Thinking about that, we resumed searching for the curse dispelling amulet.

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(Kuh, as expected of Allen-kun. He easily saw through the trick!)

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(What should we do, Sie?! As expected, he’s quite strong!)

(T-The way things seem, I don’t think we’ll be able to scare him though…!)