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The couples are finally separating from each other.


“Hoshinomori, are you sure you want to be alone?”

I can’t help but say this to Hoshinomori.

The leisurely atmosphere suddenly got a bit tenser. There’re a lot of couples walking around happily in the dark theme park.

Although we decided this in prior, this situation still made us feel guilty to Hoshinomori.

Just as everyone is having a “why don’t we just go together” mood, Hoshinomori quickly rejected such an indecisive suggestion.

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“No, it’s too much for me to watch the parade among two pairs of couples. That already counts as bullying to me.”

Perhaps she’s right. Even so, we’re still hesitating. So, Hoshinomori turned around and looked back at us with a smile.

“Well! Since I’m not interested in the parade, I’m going to use this opportunity and play the now-empty rides that were full at day! Bye!”

Hoshinomori immediately ran off like she doesn’t tolerate any other options. …Honestly, I’m afraid she’s just forcing herself. However, she’s already doing so much for us. It’s not wise for us to keep her here, right.

We decided to accept her courtesy genuinely.

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…Ay, in reality, …there’s something I want to say to Aguri alone. I guess Tendou’s the same.