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Instructors, classmates, and even people I just met say things like this.

Of course, even my real parents say it...

“That’s right! By all means, please treat my dumb son well once he graduates!”


Uugh!.... He’s here......

“L- Lord Hiro!?”

“Hey, don’t be like that. Training hard? You got an advanced promotion exam soon, right? Good luck with that.” [2]

“Oh, thank you!”

“You’ve got a baby on the way, right? Gotta show em how great Daddy is!”

“How did you know that? I’m humbled....”

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With the same scorching red hair as mine. He always has a cheerful laugh and a friendly demeanor and is loved by everyone. I heard he has a fan club in the Imperial City, the members are mostly women in their early twenties.

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His sword skills and magic power have been classed one of the strongest in the world, and if you combine the two, his [Magic Sword] makes him the strongest hero in the world.

As a kid I admired and respected such a father with eyes shining... But now...

“Hey, Earth. I had some work to do and came to the training ground, but... I heard you lost to the princess again.”