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Is the online game to make money safe?

As the sunset illuminated Oriana Street, Allen and Sie walked quietly side by side.

「Uh … It’s kind of a nice atmosphere…」

「…This is bad.」

As Ria and Rose, hidden behind the trash can, were gritting their teeth, Allen and Sie stopped right in front of a beautiful fountain.

When Sie expressed something with a serious expression, Allen seemed greatly shaken.

「「…Is it… a confession!?」」

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Colour drained from both their faces.

「The princess of Vesteria Kingdom, Ria-Vesteria, right?」

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A man in a black cloak suddenly fell from the sky.


Ria and Rose were taken by surprise, but immediately took distance from the man.

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「… When asking people for their name, don’t you know to name yourself first?」

Ria observed the man in front of her eyes, while being ready to deploy〈Fafnir〉at any moment.

Short crimson hair.

Trained muscular body of about 2 meters.

Age probably in the mid thirties.