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Everyone was dumbfounded.

Ye Zhizhou almost thought that he had heard wrongly.

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Two million yuan was too little? They had to increase it to five million?

They had more than double the original budget estimate?

However, when he saw Lin Wan’s serious expression, he realized that she was not joking. This was a serious warning.

Ye Zhizhou and Wang Xiaobin exchanged a meaningful look. Hesitantly, Ye Zhizhou asked, “Five million? That sounds like too much…

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“Actually, we don’t need that much money. Two million yuan is enough. It really is enough.”

Lin Wan shook her head. “To you, it might be enough. However, to Boss Pei, it is far from enough. You don’t know how particular Boss Pei can be about these details. Listen to me. Make it five million yuan.”

Lin Wan could not help but rejoice when she saw Ye Zhizhou lower his head in confusion and begin to edit the proposal.

I finally understand why Boss Pei sent me here! Apart from learning about the design and knowledge relevant to this type of game, my more important responsibility is to influence them with the Tengda spirit!

The way Ye Zhizhou acted so cautiously with the budget estimate reminds me of what Lu Mingliang was like before.

Boss Pei is extremely busy. He has many things to take care of. He cannot possibly correct these bad habits himself. That was why he sent me here. On one hand, he’s giving me the opportunity to hone my skills. On the other hand, he’s using me to correct these people’s bad habits!

That’s why I should focus on correcting their mentality. I need to help them emulate Tengda. Boss Pei did not lie to me. This really is an important job!

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Ye Zhizhou quickly edited the budget estimate and frowned.

“But… if we increase the budget estimate to five million yuan, we will run into a new problem.