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He was declaring indirectly that he would「kill Sid」.

Sid, who understood it immediately,

「Bastard… Who do you think you’re talking to? You’re an eyesore, disappear – 〈Freeze Lance〉!」

He immediately fired a super-massive lance that was more than twice as large as the ones he had fired before.

It was the size of this lance that clearly showed Sid’s caution against the current Allen.

「Allen, avoid it!」

「Please, run!」

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The screams of Ria and Rose echoed.

And as for Allen, who was in front of what would be an instant death if hit,

「Ha, ridiculous!」

He hit the looming lance, casually with his left hand.

At that moment, the huge lance shattered into pieces.

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Sid doubted his eyes. That was not a simple ice lance. It was a special lance with higher hardness than iron – made by the power of the soul called soul dress.