Online report group to make money

Online report group to make money

The program consisted of short episodes filmed by Fei Huang Workspace, but the latter’s work ethic had always been to produce the best of the best. Things like costumes, make-up, props, editing, and actors had always been expensive. Their productions required higher expenditure than most other online productions.

What’s more, it was very difficult for a program like A Day in a Great Inventor’s Life to obtain sponsored partnerships.

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If they had been concerned about sponsored partnerships alone and not about the program’s effect, it might have been alright.

However, everyone at Fei Huang Workspace had been following Boss Pei’s instructions strictly when it came to their productions. They refused to accept any sponsorship offers that would negatively affect their program. As a result, they often only obtained one passable sponsored partnership after producing multiple episodes.

On top of that, the props used in A Day in a Great Inventor’s Life were all relatively useless.

Even if manufacturers wanted to work with them, it would be extremely difficult for the program to market their goods well. In fact, the program would more likely dissuade viewers from purchasing those products.

Take the hand-held portable washing machine in the first episode for example. There were indeed similar inventions in the market, but the video had dissuaded a huge group of consumers who initially wanted to purchase it from doing so.

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Until now, A Day in a Great Inventor’s Life had already been running steadily for more than two months, and they had already finished filming their twelfth episode.

Although there was a large and stable audience, there were still no avenues for Fei Huang Workspace to monetize these views. The incentives that Aili Island provided were barely enough to fill the employees’ stomachs.

Thus, Pei Qian felt confused. How could a program like that turn its losses into profits?

Did Aili Island spend a huge sum of money to purchase exclusive broadcasting rights again? Or did they suddenly obtain a lot of sponsored partnerships?

Huang Sibo smiled and handed his cell phone to Pei Qian.

Pei Qian took it and realized that an online shop was displayed in the browser!

The online shop was called ‘Aidi Sun’s Laboratory’. Pei Qian quickly clicked on the list of products in the shop and scanned it.

Finger Trainer: In this day and age, we use our touch-screen cell phones every day. That’s why it’s important to ensure that our fingers remain active. With this Finger Trainer, you can train your finger muscles during your free time. This would boost your typing speed on your cell phone.

The picture depicted what looked like a mini treadmill. A hand was ‘standing’ on the treadmill using its index and middle fingers, seemingly pushing the caterpillar track underneath it by imitating a walking motion. The mini liquid crystal display (LCD) on top displayed an ever-changing reading and was used to record the training time and program.

LED Slippers: These slippers will light up with every step I take. Mom never has to worry about me going to the toilet at night again!

Sunlight Footbath: Replace water with fluorescent light from a lamp. The ‘sunlight’ will improve blood circulation in your feet and remove signs of exhaustion even before you go to bed. You can even get a beautiful tan while you’re at it!

Grass Slippers: Blades of fake grass grow inside the slippers, so that you can feel like you’re walking on grass every time you put these slippers on.