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Of course, he apologized and explained before and after sending the message. He even wrapped his sentence with all sorts of jokes. However, no matter how much he sugar-coated it, the core part won’t change.

-He wants to keep his distance from me.


I sighed towards the orange sky. Keita kept explaining that it was completely because of his own issues. So, it seems that he’s not lying. Even so, I’m not naive enough to take every word he said at face value.

“…Did I mess up?”

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I held the bottle of sweet wine tightly as if I’m trying to hold on to something.

…Honestly, there are more reasons than I can think of. It annoys me.

Aguri-chan, Tasuku Uehara, Otobuki High School’s Game Club, and Keita’s ex-girlfriend- Karen Tendou.

I didn’t realize it until now. …While everything that happened between us seemed like they were accidents, all of these are proof that I’ve been intervening in his high school life too much.

-Not to mention my gender and stance.

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“I, Ayumu Kiriya, …am nothing but an obstacle in his youthful life.”

I wanted my live streams to be more popular. So, I lied to the boy to make him play with me. If I wish to continue, I have to keep my gender a secret. …If the “he” turns into a “she”, none of this can probably go on.