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"Even if you're a 1st year, if you bear your fangs against Nagumo, it would mean you'll be harassed".

"Then he's the worst student council president".

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However, there is also the possibility that one will receive privileges by obeying him. Since the students who had been Nagumo's rivals for 2 years had fallen in line and are obeying him, then he must possess a fair degree of competency and persuasive ability.

"Bearing fangs or whatever, isn't it usually uncommon to get involved with the student council president?".

"That was the case up until the 2nd semester. From this point onwards, our opportunities to interact with senior students will steadily increase. For the whole year, starting from the 3rd semester, a special exam is held in which 1st years up to the 3rd years will all be together. A similar thing to that will be repeated. Just like how it was for us last year. In other words, between the 1st years and the 2nd years, and depending on the situation, you might even have to fight against the 3rd years".

In other words, if things go according to schedule, in January we will be entangled with senior students who we possess little knowledge of. In the sports festival, there was an exchange where the school years overlapped but there were barely any opportunities to directly interact with them.

"It's very likely that with that timing, Nagumo will narrow down individual threats from amongst the 1st years".

Individual threats, in other words, students who might end up threatening his position. If that's the case, on that battlefield, I'd like to get it over with without attracting any attention.

It's unfortunate that I feel as though I'm already in a situation where that wish won't be fulfilled.

"Then the contents of last year's exam?".

"Probably has nothing to do with this year's special exam. The majority of special exams are carried out so as to be wildly different every year. It won't come in handy".

"Even so, I feel like it would be better for me to know about it, it may prove advantageous to me".

"That may be so. But, unfortunately I cannot answer that. Even if you're the student that Horikita-senpai has nominated, I cannot come into conflict with the rules of this school. If this fact were to be revealed, I'd have to be prepared for expulsion. I cannot break this taboo. And I have no intention of breaking it".

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More so if he's from the Horikita faction which holds the rules created by this school in high esteem.

"I sure have a troublesome senpai".

I voiced my honest feelings.

"In any case, the number of ways to drag Nagumo down from his student council president seat are limited. I don't even need to say it, but expelling him is the most surefire way, but reality isn't that convenient. Then next would be to make the fact that he is not qualified to serve as president into public knowledge and forcibly drag him out of office. If he's no longer the student council president, from amongst the 2nd years students willing to wash their hands of Nagumo will surely appear and there would be no effect on you 1st years and the newcomers that'll be enrolling next year".

In short, I don't know what kind of student Nagumo Miyabi might be. Even if I ask Karuizawa right next to me, she would probably repeat that same impression. It's just that we haven't had any exchanges with the other school years to that extent that we could not make a decision. Someone who's abnormally lifted up by his surroundings and cautious as well as being respected and envied by Hirata. I can only conclude that he's no ordinary student.

Originally, it would have been most desirable to find students from amongst the 2nd years who share the same opinion as Kiriyama and topple Nagumo that way. Well, since that's no longer possible it just means trouble came around to the 1st years as well.