Can there be a fish game on the Internet?

Can there be a fish game on the Internet?

Just as I’m about to make a turn, I accidentally bumped into someone. I didn’t consider this since there’s not a lot of people here.

I apologized and tried to walk on the side. …At this moment, I noticed the person’s signature bright blonde hair that’s impossible to unsee.

“Ah, Uehara-kun, it’s you?”

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The blonde girl sighed in relief. I was a bit irritated and complained to her.

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“What’s that reaction? I feel like you’re feeling upset for immediately apologizing.”

“Amazing. It looks like you really understand how a girl thinks.”

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“Oh, you can rely on me if you want to know about a girl’s heart, …or not.”

The pointless conversation replaced our greetings. I rubbed the back of my neck and said, “Then?” and urged Tendou to speak up.

“Can I ask why is our school idol, who’s being chased all the time, strolling depressingly around a corridor which no one goes through on a school trip?”

“Hey, hey, that’s my line, Uehara-kun, who’s famous for being smooth and slick.”

We glared at each other fiercely for a while. Then-


-Both sighed deeply at the same time.