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「Za… Zahahahaha! Amazing, what a shine! As expected, my eyes did not deceive me! I’ve never seen this kind of sparkling before!」

Zack, with his gleaming eyes fixed on the black sword, began to laugh like crazy.

「Now, show me how powerful it is! -〈Blaze Lance〉!」

He fired a scorching lance, as if to test my new power.

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The moment I swung my sword lightly to cut off the attack – a tremendous shock wave broke forth and cleaved the lance of flames easily.


In addition, without the slightest decrease in power, the shock wave advanced straight towards Zack.

「Buh,〈Blaze Shield〉!」

Zack widened his eyes greatly to the unexpected development, and immediately deployed a huge shield of flames.

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But it shattered miserably without holding out even for a fraction of a second.

「Ga, ha…!?」

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Zack’s body was engraved with a deep sword wound just from receiving the shock wave.

(What power… !?)

I was surprised at its overwhelming power.

(What… the hell… is this…?)

Suddenly, an extreme feeling of fatigue assailed my body.

Just by holding the black sword, my vitality was sucked away every second.

(I see, so this thing has a『duration』…)

With this absurd consumption rate, a drawn-out battle is impossible.