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A quiet and peaceful moment. Once we snapped out, …we chuckled at the same time.

“W-What’s this. It feels weird to treat you usually instead of fighting.”

“Yeah. Uh, b-but…”

“Hmm, …I guess it’s not bad this way.”

“Y-Yeah. It’s not bad, right!”

…Then, we made eye contacted and looked away embarrassingly.

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I cleared my throat before speaking to her again.

“Right. C-Chiaki, about this Twisted God’s Reincarnation…”

“Yep, h-how was it, Keita!”

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So, after we chatted excitingly with each other about the game for an hour.

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Rarely, Chiaki and I waved at each other with a smile before disbanding.

“Amano-kun, do you want to join the Game Club activity with me?”