The job on online typing is true.

The job on online typing is true.

“It’s alright.”

I started clicking the buttons and casually entered the battle after saying that. So, she glanced at me from the opposite seat. Both of us only gave a simple nod, but I still can’t see her face due to the hoodie and the cap. …What kind of expert feeling is this? I’m scared.

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Anyway, let’s fight first.

“G-Give it everything you got, Ayumu-san.”

Ao cheered me up from behind as if she’s in a real-life wrestling event. I answered her with an “okay” as I prepared for the match.

…How good is she at an offline battle-

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-Skipping to the conclusion, I was steamrolled, of course.”

Well, if you’re saying how badly did I lose, after 5 rounds, even though lady university student that knows little about the rules was-

“Uh, even though I don’t really understand, …anyway. Ayumu-san, …don’t mind it too much.”

-She said stuff like that. I lost so bad and was totally destroyed.

Then, I lost another 5 rounds in a roll. The machine just swallowed all 500 yen at an impressive speed, which is a lot for a poor student.

The game asked whether I wanted to fight again. I held a 100 yen coin with my hand as I hesitated for a long while…

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“…No, I lost fair and square here. I’ll quit for today!”

I held the 100 yen coin tightly as I stood up from the chair a bit forcefully.

Ao asked me this with a tinge of regret.

“Is this okay? You won’t feel good if you didn’t even win a single round, right…”