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After his friends joked around with him, he left the classroom with the girl- his girlfriend with a very embarrassed face.

I grabbed this window. Of course, it’s not as ridiculous. Anyway, I went through the backdoor and left the 2F classroom when everyone is looking at them.

I walked towards the entrance helplessly by myself.

The couple is holding each other’s hands intimately. Compared to his joyful girlfriend, Uehara-kun looks pretty embarrassed. They look unexpectedly sweet.

I looked at their backs boringly as I became lost in thoughts.

(…Indeed, it’s nice to have a girlfriend.)

The scene before me is simply too far for me to reach right now. I can’t even envy or be jealous of them. In reality, Uehara-kun looks a bit annoyed. Perhaps the first thought in his head is “this is a bit awkward.” But that might not be true. When he sees his girlfriend being like this, he can be blessed to the max right now too…

“Hey, hey, Tasuku, You’re amazing at gaming!”

My shoulder shivered at this sentence. I tried my best to keep my cool, and Uehara-kun is still answering with a casual attitude.

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“I’m not that good. I think you saw that incredible guy in the arcade yesterday, right. He’s the guy that’s entirely focused on puzzle games.”

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“Hey, Tasuku is impressive as well. Remember that time when you played Puyo Puyo with Aguri-“

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As a fanatic gamer, I can’t help but eavesdrop on their conversation. …Hmph, you’re incredible at gaming, right. …You two can lie about that once you abandoned that normie life of yours-

“Tasuku actually tortured your newbie girlfriend with a 20 win streak-“

“That’s amazing! But it’s horrible at the same time!”

I can’t help but yell! Those two immediately turned around. So, I hastily dashed into the classroom next door. Although those two didn’t see me, people in the room are giving me a strange look.

My face flared up right away. I greeted everyone and left the room within a second. Luckily, those two seem to have gone.

I can finally feel relief. However, I thought of how awkward it will be if we chased each other’s tails. So, I plopped my head down while slowly making my way towards the stairs. …What am I even doing?