Online money pit project

Online money pit project

That was what caused the phenomenon of the sell-out at lightning speed!

However, this cell phone seemed to be less attractive to users not in Jingzhou. The various benefits of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Ming Yun Private Kitchen, Upwind Logistics, etc. would not be available to them if they were not in Jingzhou and Lincheng, right?

Many people were desperately rushing because the news conference was very attractive coupled with the factor of limited quantity.

However, once they calm down, they would definitely regret buying a cell phone that was so heavy and expensive and had such a crude operating system.

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What was more, the media evaluation did not say many good things about the cell phone. Mass-produced cell phones could only eat cannon fodder in the storage as long as the tide turned

Therefore, he must mass-produce!

Profits would not be able to chase up to him as long as the production was fast enough to keep goods in the storage!

Moreover, once the market became saturated and the small number of ballers in Jingzhou obtained them, the others would gradually see the shortcomings of this mobile phone. Naturally, those stocks would not be able to be sold. They had formulated a strategy of never reducing their price so these cell phones could only rot in their warehouse!

Of course, Pei Qian was not overly optimistic. He was considering double insurance, at least to ensure that he would not make any profit for this cycle.

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Chang You and the others were quietly waiting for Boss Pei’s orders.

Everyone knew that the next step was definitely mass production, which should be a natural answer. However, there must be another level that they did not take into consideration since Boss Pei was now in deep thought.

Therefore, everyone was still waiting for ‘Boss Pei in Good Times’ to give a perfect plan.

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Pei Qian sighed in melancholy after considering it for a while. “Let’s mass-produce then.

“When can we get the next batch?” He looked at Chang You.