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“…Tendou-san baka…”

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“Are you 12 years old!”

Tendou-san stood up abruptly. I followed her son and directly start arguing with her.

“T-This is the first time that I’m at my girlfriend’s house. Yet, you just electrocuted your excited and nervous boyfriend 20 times in a row. You’re the last person that I want to hear that from!”

“You know that I’m this type of player, right! I’ll go all-out even if I’m up against a newbie!”

“I know! I know you. If that’s the case, …then please don’t give me requests like ‘I hope Amano-kun (‘s ranking) can be on top sometimes’ when I can’t even do it!”

She probably didn’t know that kind of request is kind of erotic.

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This time, Tendou-san’s cheeks are blushing like sakura again as she requested me once more.

“I-It’s because I’m on top (of the ranking) every time…I’m the only one that feels good (when I’m playing the game)…Amano-kun, that’s why I hope that sometimes, you can fondle with my (character’s) body…”

I answered her in a similar tone since she dragged me down into this.

“While that’s true, Tendou-san, you’re always going all-out to toy me!”

“…It’s because…my heart really wanted it…and my body is feeling good…”

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“If you want me to fondle with you (your character), you should give me something in return!”

“Amano-kun, …don’t tell me…you want me to use my mouth (to praise your skills)…?”

“Ay, I’m not going to force you, but you, as a girlfriend, should at least contribute something, right?”


I smiled mischievously, the girl with blonde hair and blue eyes then gave me a humiliating look as if she’s a knight that was captured by an orc.