What are the student online typing?

What are the student online typing?

"I'm dropping out".

"...even though there's no problem?".

Sakagami is no fool.

He's probably already guessed from this situation that some sort of trouble occurred on the rooftop yesterday.

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"That's right. There's no point in staying at this school anymore".

He has to respect the student's decision.

"I see. If you've already decided then I can't stop you".

Sakagami said so and retrieved a paper from the drawer.

"Please write your name, student ID number and reason for withdrawal here".

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"Give me a minute".

I picked up the pen but Sakagami retrieved two more papers.

"After we're done with your withdrawal, let's deliver these to Ishizaki and Yamada too".

"...what? They've got nothing to do with this".

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"Yes, they certainly have nothing to do with this. But this is their wish. That should you choose to drop out, they would do the same and I couldn't talk them out of it".

That bastard Ayanokouji.....did he suggest something unnecessary to those idiots?

Holding Ishizaki and Albert hostage to prevent my withdrawal.

If I choose to withdraw here, they'll go down with me and my very withdrawal would become meaningless. It'd be the same as getting my priorities backwards.