How to make a game online?

How to make a game online?

Hiya, she’s switching to her preaching mode. I raised my head from the table and sit upright.

Chiaki sighed helplessly as she continued.

“Last time, the cutest girl in the school wanted to kidnap an unfamiliar and easy-to-fool otaku boy into her club, so it kind of made sense for you to reject.”

“I feel like that’s too straightforward-“

“However, this time is…your beloved girlfriend musted up her courage and wanted to work hard to close off the distance, yet you still brutally rejected. That’s already the first small step towards psychopath!”

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“I can’t believe you just called me a psycho. Sigh, even though it’s true that I did hurt Tendou-san.”

I’m embarrassed when Chiaki pointed out that. However, I still have to smooth things over.

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“Of course, I did explain to Tendou-san later and even apologized to her; at least she forgave me.”

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“That’s because Tendou-san wanted to be an empathetic girlfriend…Perhaps she was deeply hurt but is just trying to play along with you!”

“Ugh, if you put it this way, I can’t really retort anything…”

Although it doesn’t look like that from my eyes, …when people pointed out that the person in question may have hidden him/her thoughts, I can’t do anything. Actually, I’m a bit anxious about this part as well. That’s why I wanted to discuss this with Chiaki.

However, even so, there’s a small part that I find unacceptable.

“…Uh, Chiaki, although you’re right.”