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Eventually, he came to the conclusion that this was just an ordinary student.

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“Don’t try to pull a prank on me,” Bao Xu was not convinced.

Speechless, Pei Qian wondered if things would have been better had he worn a different outfit.

However, his suit had not arrived yet.

Not wanting to drag things out, Pei Qian took out 500 yuan from his pockets.

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“If you’re willing to join, this will be advance payment for your salary.”

Looking at the five scarlet 100 yuan notes, a sparkle appeared in Bao Xu’s eyes.

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He was slightly convinced that Pei Qian was for real.

If this was a scam, Pei Qian would be the one asking for money – why would he be the one giving out money?

Not just that, it was 500 to boot.

For someone like Bao Xu in 2009, 500 was considered a large amount. After all, the price of internet cafes ranged around 2-3 yuan per hour back then.

“Not just that, our company’s computers have the best specifications with dual monitors. You can play games at any time you wish,” Pei Qian added decisively.

Bao Xu’s gaze was twinkling all of a sudden.

He did not have to pay money and he could play games on a high-end computer at any time!

Wouldn’t that be even more comfortable than internet cafes?

That was akin to throwing a small fish to a desperate, hungry cat!

“You’re not kidding? What would my job be then?” Bao Xu asked in bewilderment.