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“Thank you for your willingness to answer my inexplicable questions.”

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“No problem. Well then, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

After Ichinose had left the library, there weren’t very many students left. There were a few third-year students, as well as some who were librarians.

“Let’s go back. I still have work to do today.”

“Although this just repeat confirmation, what are you going to do about Kushida? The way you’re talking, it sounds like you have a plan.”

Horikita probably doesn’t like to be asked several times either, but I have to make sure.

“She’s special. In any case, I’ll have to make sure to be careful with my persuasion.”


“I’ve been thinking about it a lot. About what kind of school life Kushida Kikyō would have if I hadn’t chosen to come to this school. I knew the answer immediately. She would be just as trusted and depended on by everyone as she is now, and she would be able to do sports and study without a single flaw. She would have carried on that way all the way until graduation. I accidentally took that future away from her. Even now she’s working with our enemy, Ryūen-kun, impatiently working to get me expelled. She didn’t hesitate to participate in an act of hostility against her own class. Of course, none of this is my fault. It’s just bad luck we ended up at the same school. But even so, for me, it’s still not irrelevant.”

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This was why she’s trying to convince Kushida.

Horikita feels more responsible now than I had expected.

No, is it that she’s just trying to fulfill her obligations?

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“I have some suggestions. May I have your attention?”

“What kind of suggestions?”

“I feel like I’ve found a piece of the puzzle for your reconciliation with Kushida.”

“What do you mean?”

“Ichinose is a good person. Whether or not she is purely a good person is another matter, but wouldn’t you agree that she is a good person in general?”

“Yes. To put it mildly, she is undoubtedly a good person.”

“Why don’t you borrow the power of a good person and ask her to mediate you two? Honestly, having a one on one conversation with her won’t get you what you want. And if we ask someone from Class D, Kushida would never reveal her true nature.”