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“It’s okay. I didn’t say much. I just ran away quietly.”

“Weren’t you just being sneaky!? That’s even worse! Weren’t you the real chocolate thief!?”

“I didn’t steal it. I salvaged it up from onii-chan’s table.”

“Your Aguri-nee-chan feels like it’s not salvaging if it’s on the table!”

“…It can’t be helped. At that time, …I didn’t have fun, so I’m pretty restless…”

“Why are you sisters restless on holiday!?”

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Sheesh, my head’s getting dizzy. Although I feel like the central issue of the Fushiguro sisters has to do with the onee-san, she indeed inherited the bloodline.

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After I snapped out of it, Mii looked pretty depressed due to my anger. I hastily try to smooth things over.

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“Sigh, but it’s okay. Mii just said you ‘wanted’ to eat it, right? Which means that you didn’t really eat it, right?”


“Well, uh, then it’s not really a big problem…”



I nodded. “Right!” Mii immediately brightened up and continued.

“Well, it’s also not a big problem when Mii robbed Keita-nii-chan’s phone and video-called someone I didn’t know, right!”

“You keep committing crimes that I’ve first heard of! Hey, what were you even doing!? Why did you rob his phone!?”

“…I wanted to ask for help.”

“You’re the theft here, right!?”