Can I play the color of the game?

Can I play the color of the game?

It doesn’t look like they call her ‘class rep’ because she studies too much.

“I’m the class rep for my class.”

“Class rep… do all the other classes have one?”

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Normally I’d be surprised, but our homeroom teacher would’ve probably decided to leave that out.

“No, we just made it on our own. I think it’s good to assign a few roles.”

I understood what she was saying, but it’s not like we were going to assign a class rep anyway.

“By any chance, do you have any positions other than class rep?”

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“Pretty much. Whether or not they’re useful is a different question, but we do have other roles like vice class rep and secretary. It’ll be useful whenever we have some kind of festival. It would be fine to decide things on the spot, but that might become troublesome.”

I remembered that Ichinose was studying with a group of boys and girls at the library some time ago.

She was probably fulfilling her role as class rep back then as well.

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Usually, most people wouldn’t want to be part of a class committee. They’re forced to do troublesome things and have to participate in discussions from time to time.

However, with Ichinose taking the initiative, things probably went a lot smoother.