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"...I understand. I'll convey your feelings. Is that fine?".

If that's the case, there's no fair or unfair.

"Ayanokouji.....! You've saved me!".

Grasping my outstretched hand, Yamauchi lowered his head almost as if he were worshipping a god.

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If that's decided, then first I'll need to review the contents of the letter. If the person receiving it is to be Sakura, first it needs to be gentler, and written in a way that properly conveys feelings, if not it won't have an effect on her.

Yamauchi prepares his resolve. But really, if it's true this is still too premature. For those two who have not even exchanged their contact numbers, a confession is just a risk. If he wishes to raise his chances of success, he first needs to firmly attack her. But, Yamauchi's methods too, should not be wrong. Romance is always something that starts spontaneously, and there have been many cases in the world of a romance starting from zero.

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"First the start---".

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Like Yamauchi, my romance experience is also zero but at least let me consider a statement befitting it.

"Oh, that's right. Please just let me add on one order. The answer to my confession, I want it to be answered behind the school building".

"Behind the school building? Towards the second gym?".

"Yeah, yeah. There's a rumor you know. If you confess there, things will go well".

It's probably similar to the legendary under-the-tree confession. Rumors seem to waft in from everywhere.

"I see. So it's part of the stage, huh?".

"Naturally it's not just rumors. If it's a student confession, it has to be behind a school building. They call this a rule".

I could not find a connection between a confession and behind a school building but, I can imagine what kind of situation he's thinking of.

It took around 30 minutes for me to make contact with my target, Sakura. What feelings would she react with towards Kushida's invitation. That's something only the person in question would know, but she's unlikely to be in a calm state of mind. On the other hand, I was in standby mode at the location promised beforehand awaiting Sakura's arrival.

As Yamauchi said, I cannot afford to keep her waiting, but having me wait in advance for 30 minutes is just too early. The phone I had kept on silent mode in my pocket vibrates.