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“In that case, you’d better group up with someone as soon as possible. Horikita-senpai would probably be fairly disappointed if you self-destructed and got yourself expelled.”

“Nagumo. Come over here for a sec?”

From a bit behind me, a third-year student named Masuwaka called out to Nagumo.

Nagumo lightly raised his hand in response and proceeded to walk out of the ocean, headed over to where Masuwaka had motioned for them to talk.

They had already been plenty close enough to have a conversation, but I guess they didn’t want me to overhear anything.

At some point, Asahina stopped playing around in the ocean to take a look at what was happening, and after making sure that Nagumo was an adequate distance away, she approached me.

“Heyo. Word is that you’re working alone?”

“Well. You probably heard me earlier, but I’ve got a tough fight ahead of me.”

“That so…? Maybe that’s for the best though. If Miyabi were to start goin’ after you… things’d prolly get pretty dicey for ya, yeah? So here’s some advice. While you’ve got the chance, go meet up with as many groups as possible and───”

“Asahina, it’s time. Let’s get going.”

Just as she was about to whisper something into my ear, Nagumo came back, causing her to swallow her words.

“W-well, good luck.”