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His wife thought for a moment. “Don’t you have videos of your routine workouts? Wouldn’t it be good to edit those videos and show everyone the results of your training?”

Realisation struck Lin Jiaqiang. “Oh, that’s right!”

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During this period of time, he had recorded everything on video when he was working out with the smart fitness drying rack. He had also recorded the changes in weight and body size.

In fact, this was just a routine game. It would also make it easier for him to persevere in order to make fitness more ritualistic and fulfilling.

Wasn’t it appropriate to use this as his first video on Aili Island?

He would edit these videos and make them into a five-minute short video. On top of that, he would introduce himself. It would end up as a video that was less than ten minutes.

It would not make netizens feel bored just because it was too long. It would also be content rich and special.

The others must not have lost weight recently, right? Even if they had lost weight, they could not have lost 4kg and changed so drastically, right?

What’s more, Lin Jiaqiang had always been acting as a Fatty supporting character. His face was very recognizable. The fact that he was losing weight was very gimmicky and would definitely attract a large number of netizens’ attention.

Not only would the first episode become popular, but the next few episodes would also not become less popular. That was because everyone was definitely concerned about the latest development of Lin Jiaqiang trying to lose weight.

At that thought, Lin Jiaqiang immediately went to the computer and found all the videos he had taken. Each of them used a short clip to edit it into a short video.

Apart from that, he also had an ulterior motive. He wanted to advertise the smart fitness drying rack.

He had been given a lot of money to endorse this product back then after all. When he arrived in Jingzhou, he had been treated to food, drink, and fun. In the end, he passed the filming of the advertisement in one shot. He felt a little bad.

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He would do his best to help publicize it!

In the evening...