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“That was a quick reply.”

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I was confident that I could control others to some extent. However, the only exception to this was Kouenji.

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I’ve run countless simulations on how to control all of my classmates and Kouenji was the only one who, no matter how many simulations I tried, I could not get under control.

“Even if you give up, I won’t. His strength is vital.”

Trying to control the uncontrollable. That was simply a contradiction.

“Even if it’s a waste of time?”

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“You don’t think we need Kouenji-kun?”

“I think that as long as he doesn’t do any harm, the best course of action is to leave him alone. And now that Kouenji’s been handed a protection point, it’s possible to neglect him more.”

“That surely is a rational thought.”

“If the class couldn’t win without Kouenji, I’d understand why you’d be so eager. However, our class has already grown into a force to be reckoned with that can compete with the other classes. And it will continue to grow in the future.”

“Yes, you’re right, everyone’s much more reliable than they were a year ago.”

“However…” Horikita continued, “While getting to Class A is my top priority and ultimate goal, I want the class to become one. I want to lead them in a way so that we can all combine our strength.”

So she didn’t want anyone to be cut off, even Kouenji.

Horikita’s eyes that stared at me were so straight that I unconsciously choked on my words.

If Horikita could get Kouenji to join her, he would be an irreplaceable and dependable ally.