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Pang Ling and the others had been extremely proud to become members of the H4 Club’s GOG team.

However, the DGE Club’s team had ruthlessly crushed their pride. Individually and as a team, H4 had been utterly defeated.

How could the H4 Club’s team accept that?

They felt like a bunch of martial arts talents who had trained intensely from a young age to get into a proper sect. Yet, a small sect that had seemed to pop out of nowhere tore down their school and defeated them miserably.

Of course, they would feel emotionally unstable!

Thus, everyone in the H4 Club developed insecurity and began comparing subconsciously.

At that thought, Pang Ling became cautious. He warned himself to remain objective. As a professional esports athlete, managing one’s emotions was the most important lesson.

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Pang Ling sucked in a deep breath and told himself not to overthink but to focus on the mock competition that they would be having with the DGE Club.

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Zhang Yuan walked out and welcomed them.

“Team Leader Su! Please, come in.”

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Zhang Yuan was very passionate. After all, DGE Club would have to build strong connections with many other local esports clubs in the future. He could not go wrong with nurturing those relationships now.

“Our training ground is very simple. Please take a seat wherever. It’s going to be lunchtime, and so I’ve ordered take-out for everyone. We can go to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe for the mock competition once we’ve eaten.”

Team Leader Su nodded. “Alright, we’ll go with the host’s plan. Brother Zhang, just do as you see fit.”

H4’s team members walked in and looked around with interest. The villa had a yard with well-maintained greenery. Obviously, a professional had been hired for that.

When they arrived at the training hall, everyone stopped speaking. Pang Ling had no idea how to express his feelings at that moment.

Is this what you meant when you said your training ground is simple?!

This villa had been Boss Li’s, and they had kept the renovations the same after buying it over, instead of adding more luxurious decorations. However, the original renovations were already very exquisite!

Zhang Yuan had even bought various furniture and computers so that the entire training hall looked legitimate and harmonious. It looked nothing like a mere guesthouse.