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“Let’s not think too much…Sorry, but I’m going back to the tent.”

Horikita, while breathing bit by bit, brushed her hair up and turned her face away from me.

“Hey Horikita, how about confessing quietly?”

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“Confessing? What in the world are you saying?”

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Although she pretended to be calm, Horikita had a slight perspiration on her forehead. I decided to be reasonable with her.

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“From when the exam started, you’ve become increasingly sick.”

There may have been signs of her poor physical condition even before travelling but it was still light. Due to Horikita’s personality, the possibility that she would have been absent in a travel where there was excessive playing around was very high.

“It’s normal.”

“You’re lying.”

I caught Horikita in the lie she continued to tell and then I extended the hand towards her forehead. As expected, when I came in contact with her forehead, it felt hot. She tried to escape but her movements were really slow.

“Since when…..did you notice it?”

“That time when we met on the deck. I wanted to hear what were you doing at that time.”

“Yes. I told you I was reading a book in my room.”

“It was really tough on you so you stayed in your room sleeping, right?

“What’s the basis of that?”

“When you joined the others, your forelocks were disheveled. In other words, that was the evidence you were laying down just before. Moreover, on the anchor deck, it was so damn hot but it seemed like you were cold. Even now, you’re wearing long sleeves with the zipper raised to the top. If you observe your situation until today from an external point of view, even elementary students will understand where my conclusion came from.”