How to scam online

How to scam online

“Ah, p-please wait, Tendou-senpai!”

“Hmm? Ah, yes, what’s wrong?”

Tendou-senpai stopped leaving and turned back. Her blonde hair is sparkling in the store, …this girl is really straight out of a dating sim…

I can’t help but be shocked at that scene. Then, I managed to say what I wanted.

“Uh, …how should I put it, …well, r-recently, my onee-chan is troubled by something. She feels like…you’re avoiding her…Honestly, is that true?”

Even though I came up with a bunch of plans, I ended up asking her directly. However, I think I have to frank on this issue.

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Tendou-senpai bulged her crystal-clear blue eyes at my question. She answered shockingly. “Eh? Well, uh…” To be honest, I feel terrible for her, even a girl like me understands that I’m intervening too much.

I hastily tried to smooth things over.

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“Ah, Tendou-senpai, please take it with a grain of salt. As a little sister, I’m just worrying about onee-chan. Although I asked that just then, I feel like onee-chan shouldn’t be as frustrated as I thought. I guess I’m…perceiving this level of chitchatting too ridiculously-“

When I’m smoothing things over, Kousei keeps pressuring me “ask for more” with his look, but I didn’t care.

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After I’m finished, I quickly tried to walk away. “Well, I’ll be leaving…” I wanted to escape right away, but…

“Konoha-san, p-please wait!”