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“This Boss Pei, not only did he come to the qualifiers to steal the limelight, he even wants to plot against me for the video?”

“I’m so pissed off!”

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Zhao Xuming flew into a rage. His assistant kept quiet out of fear, not daring to say a word.

Zhao Xuming had been quite satisfied with the publicity video at first. He read the comments of the netizens and felt rather pleased with himself.

Unexpectedly, the public opinion had changed drastically in just two hours!

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IOI World Finals promotional video was immediately pressed onto the ground and snubbed crazily as soon as the promotional video for the GPL’s spring competition was released. Anyone who heard it would feel sad and those who saw it would shed tears.

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Most importantly, IOI’s gamers were no longer satisfied. They would scold Long Yu Corporation after the stark difference in comparison.

Long Yu Corporation had spent a huge sum of money to hire a professional photography team and set up a filming location. In the end, they had not managed to do well. How could they not be angry?

In fact, IOI’s promotional video was top-notch as well. However, the audience’s taste had been spoiled by Tengda. Naturally, this comparison made them inferior.

What angered Zhao Xuming the most was the timing of the two promotional videos.

The promotional video for the GPL’s Spring Competition was done according to the game’s CG standards. It could not have been produced in two hours. Most likely, it had been prepared more than a month in advance by the various teams in GPL.

The preparation time was long, and the cost would not be small.

In other words, this promotional video was probably made recently. Yet, Boss Pei purposely did not release it. He waited for IOI to release the promotional video before releasing the GPL promotional video.

Who would believe that it was not intentional?

Obviously, Boss Pei had calculated that no matter what IOI produced, it would only be defeated by the GPL’s Spring Competition promotional video. That was why he had purposely waited for the right time.

It was just like fighting the Landlord, my Great King would always be waiting as long as the Little King in your hand did not appear; when your Little King finally appears, my next card would definitely be managed by the Great King!