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A man wearing a silk hat and holding a flashy white and black stick suddenly appeared.

Prisoner number 0018 – No.18 who was ordered by Leia to guard Allen.

「Ha-Haaaa? Who are you, ossan? And, don’t look at me with that perverted look. It feels disgusting.」

「Uwaaa… how troublesome, mou… So gross, let’s just kill him already, mou…」

「We won’t attract any attention here, and above all, we don’t have much time… It can’t be helped, let’s kill him.」

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Other than their target – the women do not possess villainous aesthetics that would drag in the general public.

However, any obstacle to their work is simply gotten rid of immediately without hesitation.

In front of the three female swordsmen who gave off an intense bloodlust – No.18 looked at their faces, bodies, and clothes.

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「Haa… It’s like you don’t understand anything…」No.18 sighed.

The three of them all had very well-endowed features, although they were of different lineages.

Distinctive facial features.

Innocent child-like features from their teenage years.

A dignified feature reminiscent of a famous sword.