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However, the old gamers did not buy it after the update. Finger Games’ official social media account was instantly flooded with the old gamers’ objections.

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Waves came one after another before Finger Games could explain.

Some games media had obtained some internal information from some unknown source, revealing Finger Games’ strategic adjustments to IOI’s local server.

Changing the local server to the low-priced zone, the price of heroes and skins would be lowered to about one-third of international server;

The local server, IOI, would be working with the local Long Yu Corporation. The Long Yu Corporation would be in charge of the localization of IOI’s local server;

In addition, it was said that Finger Games had finally decided to start preparing for the first world finals. Furthermore, the high-level executives of IOI’s local server, Chrétien, and Long Yu Corporation were contacting local clubs that still had IOI branches.

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When Pei Qian noticed this, the news had already spread like wildfire in the IOI players’ circle.

“They actually go exposed so quickly, so poor at secrecy.”

“That’s not right. It could also be voluntarily released to test players’ reactions.”

“They could have released some news first without any concrete evidence. If the players’ reactions were not adverse, they can stand up and admit it. If the players’ reactions are adverse, they could change a relatively conservative plan based on public opinion.”

Pei Qian had thought that the news would only be released in another week. He had not expected it to spread so quickly.

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Long Yu Corporation was one of the top gaming companies in the country in terms of size. The public relations department was not to be trifled with. Once this news was released, they could definitely suppress it if they wanted to.

However, the news did not stop there. Instead, it spread rapidly.

Pei Qian would not believe that no one was behind this.

The main point was that Tengda was IOI’s only competitor in the country. Pei Qian knew very well that it was not Tengda who did it. That meant Finger Games had to do it themselves.

On further thought, this was not a particularly difficult operation.

The reason why Finger Games had decided to make such changes was mainly to get more new players to join them. However, that would definitely change the gaming habits of old players.

Once this was done, they would definitely be scolded. The only question was how badly would they be scolded.