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The topic thus ended… No good, that was too perfect, Tendo Karen! What the hell! At least showboat a little! High school at a level higher than us── for example, Hekiyō High school located near us, their student council will showboat in every meeting! So holding a fun discussion was impossible if someone so perfect was around! Today I learned! Awkward silence shrouded the place… Strange, were hobby group activities supposed to be like this…?

I knew this was irresponsible as I broke out in cold sweat, but I had no choice… but to push the topic to Amano.

“Right, t-then Amano, what do you think?”

Amano glared at me as if to say: asking me after hearing such a perfect answer, how mean! ...Ugh, sorry, but… Amano, I have my troubles too!

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On the other hand, Hoshinomori sensed Amano’s crisis, and asked with an insidious smile:

"Ah~~ I want to know too, what does Keita who is famous for loving games think?"

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"Ugh… Chiaki, you…!"

What an ugly fight! Tendo who was surprised by that scene asked me again:

“I-It seems that in all sorts of ways, these two have less compatibility than oil and wate…”

“Well, I-I think they have their own unique relationship…”

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I couldn’t answer further. It was too unique in a negative sense.

Anyway, everyone fixed their attention onto Amano.

Amano glared back at Hoshinomori… then sighed in resignation and scratched his head. After that, he answered in an unexpectedly relaxed manner:

“To be honest, I think either way is fine.”

His opinion was too casual, it would be too much to compare that with Tendo’s masterful comment.