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It would be easy to get testers if they were to spend money.

However, Boss Pei would definitely find out about it if money was involved.

Huang Sibo felt that he did not have to trouble Boss Pei over something like this but yet he couldn’t pay out of his own pocket as well and that was why he could only offer in-game benefits.

Even though it wasn’t exactly the greatest selling point to those testers, it was still better than nothing.

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Before long, everyone started replying.

Like Huang Sibo, most of them had no connections nor did they know anyone related.

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Xiao Lu suggested that he could try and join some Counter Strike enthusiast groups to liaise with them.

However, that method did not seem as though it was really feasible.

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If they were to join those groups just to advertise for another FPS game without even giving any generous benefits, they might end up getting themselves kicked by the group leaders.

Right then, Lin Wan spoke.

“Erm... I’ve got some liaison for some big FPS enthusiast group leaders. They probably have one or two groups under them with a couple thousands of gamers in those groups.”

Huang Sibo asked hurriedly, “Can you suck up to them? I mean, erm, get them to do us a favor.”

He corrected himself hurriedly as he realized his improper words towards a young girl.

However, Lin Wan did not mind. “It’s fine. I’m quite close to them and it’s not a difficult favor.”

Huang Sibo was curious. “How do you know of those group leaders?”

It didn’t seem to make sense.