Make money online is true and false - Baidu

Make money online is true and false - Baidu

I organized the details in my head and drew a conclusion for the time being.

「A student like me can’t meddle in Tenshi-sama and Rodis-san’s opinions. If they both suspect Rize-san as a suspect in the information leak… that’s unavoidable.」

I am not in a position to disagree with the two people who stand at the top of Ringard.

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「But, I’ll say this one thing clearly. Rize-san did not leak the information to the Empire.」

Although there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding, she is a really kind person.

She will never turn traitor.

「Fufu, that’s a very you-like answer. Then I’ll relay that to my father.」

Once the story came to an end, the president exhaled a little.

「Thanks for listening, Allen-kun. I feel a little refreshed.」

「No, I’m glad to help.」

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The particulars of the story were quite heavy, so it seems to have weighed a lot on her mind.

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After talking about it all, it seems to have made her feel better.

I’m glad the president seems to be at ease now.

(I need to go to the bathroom now.)

The talk got unexpectedly long. Let’s take care of that business, and go to sleep early today.

When I was thinking about that,

「U-Umm… you aren’t angry?」

The president asked in a timid manner.

「No, I’m not angry.」