Whether online make money legal

Whether online make money legal

The fourth segment was the current domestic market operations of IOI and GOG.

There was nothing much to say. IOI was still being beaten by GOG.

What was even more terrifying was that the market share of the two games was not on the same level to begin with. Recently, with the release of Mission and Choice and the release of the game, GOG’s market share was still rising, and it was still squeezing IOI’s living space!

That was because GOG and Mission and Choice had jointly released the new hero, Skylark.

GOG was supposed to help ‘Mission and Choice’ generate popularity, but after ‘Mission and Choice’ became popular, it helped GOG generate popularity instead!

Thus, Eric did not have an easy time during this period. All sorts of things kept him busy.

He had to take the time to study Boss Pei’s mindset in order to defeat Boss Pei. He had to work hard to know his enemy.

Of course, Eric had already researched Boss Pei’s way of thinking and judged that Boss Pei was a “gambler” half a year ago.

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He had asked Zhao Xuming to bring the people from Long Yu Corporation to present this report. That was to further confirm his own thoughts.

It turned out that everyone had the same view. That made Eric more confident.

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The key to breaking Boss Pei’s undefeated legend was to make use of Boss Pei’s ‘gambler’ mentality!

Eric went to the conference room alone to sort out the information he had recently obtained after sending Zhao Xuming away.

“Boss Pei always succeeds because of a very important factor.”

“That is, Boss Pei seems to always be able to ‘break out of the circle’. That’s very magical.”

“Take ‘Mission and Choice’ for example. Almost everyone thought that it would not be able to recoup its costs after learning about the investment in the game and movie.