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"Well, as long as we win that's good. That means we can eat whatever we want for lunch".

I guided Sudou's anger to collide with food. Let him eat more than the others. Ichinose and the others will be treating us after all.

"That's well, for us since we're broke that's something to be happy about".

It was a cheeky attitude for Sudou to take but undoubtedly he's made a big contribution in this match.

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"So, there's nothing to do but uphold the promise. Shall we have lunch?".

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Right on time, hunger struck our bellies with that timing. Ichinose and the others, Sudou and the others headed for the shop. Horikita and I slightly took our time in following them.

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"Hey Ayanokouji-kun. You're not too bad at sports, right? Even if you're just a beginner in volleyball, those were some unnatural movements" she said.

A while back, Horikita saw me go for a round with her brother (although it's not really that much) and has remembered that exchange.

"Ichinose's strange mark on me was pretty strong. Just saying in case".

"So you're not going to show your hand. Right now, the other classes must be tripping over themselves in trying to analyze Class D's strength".

She nods as though convinced. Before long, as we arrived at the shop, Ichinose turned to look back.

"As promised, whatever you like, no matter the amount you want, you're free to eat" she said.

"Alright! Then we won't hold back!".

The 3 Idiots, more than the others, for the sake of their appetite, dashed as quickly as possible. Ichinose was looking at that sight with a smile.

"Could it be that you're going to bear all the cost?".

"Yeah. I'm the one who said that in the first place".