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In the middle of that situation, I acquired a certain conviction.

(…As I expected. The output has gone up quite a bit.)

If I’m not mistaken, Dodriel said something along the lines of…

The more you walk through the boundary between life and death, the stronger your soul dress is.

A few days ago, I managed to recover from a near-fatal wound that pierced through my heart.

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As a result, my body and soul were more closely connected. That guy’s darkness might have flowed into me.

(…This is a good condition.)

Darkness continues to adapt to my body.

It responds perfectly to me, as though I was born together with this darkness.

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(If this is the case, I think I can get a good score!)

And when I, dressed in darkness, held up my pseudo-black sword overhead,

「S-Stop!」 Chemy-san stopped me.

「Eh, err… What is it?」

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「No, please don’t do it! If it receives an attack with such output, my precious『Anti-Impact Mechanism No. 2』will be blown to bits. Allen-kun gets a 100 points already, so please lower that terrifying sword quickly!」 she said, shaking her head side-to-side.

「E-Even if you say that…」

As I took a look around,

「Director! Such favouritism is not allowed!」