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“Really? What game is it?”

Nice, Tendou took the bait. …This can work!

Ao and I nodded as we went deeper into the mobile game.

“Uh, it’s called < Gate of Mars >-“

“Oh, that’s the one Amano-kun and Chiaki-san are playing now!”

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What is this!? What the hell is wrong with the Game Club!? Don’t tell me this club has a close relationship with Keita!?

I tremblingly…asked Tendou, who was shocked by my scream again.

“Uh, …the name that just appeared multiple times, that Amano-kun guy, …h-how should I say this? …Is he a member of this club…?”

This time, …Kase pushed his glasses and answered.

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“That’s impossible. He just came here for a tour.”

“Oh, I-I see.”

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Ao and I were relieved.

(Nice, even if they know each other, it’s okay…)