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The trend became even more pronounced at 9:00 AM, making it clear that groups were actively seeking out and meeting with him.

And from that point on, the large conglomerate of groups began to move.

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By 10:00 and 11:00 AM, the obscurity of what was taking place became even more apparent.

“There are so many groups moving around together… almost like they’re a school of fish.”

“With just a glance at the data, you wouldn’t even notice it, but it paints a completely different picture once you know what to look for, right?”

Nanase nodded a few times in response as we proceeded to flip through the next couple of screenshots. Once we got to the one I had taken at 3:00 PM, she asked a question.

“Are they… doing this to monopolize Tasks?”

“Most likely, the point is to have Nagumo effortlessly secure first-place in any Task they come across by fixing the competition in his favor.”

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It wasn’t complicated in the slightest. Rather, it was a very simple strategy, and a potent one at that.

“However, groups other than President Nagumo’s won’t be able to score points as a result, right? I can’t imagine that they’re all part of the same Table either. Working together for the success of a specific group… It’s an idea that pretty much anyone could come up with, but it’d be impossible to put it into practice effectively.”

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Groups would need to forego their own designated areas as they wasted their time traveling with those in other Tables.

Moreover, by yielding first place to Nagumo’s group, they wouldn’t be able to earn many points from Tasks either.

“You’re not wrong. But, the reason the strategy works is because it disregards one of the most basic principles of this exam. Tell me, what’s stopping students from working together to have a specific group come out on top?”

“That would be due to class points and the overarching threat of expulsion, of course.”

At that, I motioned for Nanase to zoom in closer and look at the students that had gathered together around Nagumo.

“They… they’re all from groups down at the bottom of the rankings…”

“And there aren’t any Class A students mixed in with them. Not a single one.”

“The gap in class points between Class 3-A and the other third-year classes must be so hopelessly large that there’s no way for them to catch up…”