The landlord of the online special fire can make money regardless of the loss.

The landlord of the online special fire can make money regardless of the loss.

The game graphics in the promotional video would all be from GOG because they did not have the copyrights of the other games. Only GOG’s graphics could be used freely.

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What’s more, using GOG’s graphics could also create an AOE effect on GPL. It was killing two birds with one stone!

After carefully revising the outline of the promotional video a few times, Meng Chang stood up confidently and said to his colleagues who were slacking, watching dramas, playing games, and sleeping. “Everyone, put down what you have on hand and come back to life!”

Everyone immediately stopped what they were doing and looked over.

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Meng Chang explained the new promotional video in detail.

“This film is called ‘Coming Out of the Cocoon Without Becoming A Butterfly’.”

The reason why it was called “Coming Out of the Cocoon Without Becoming A Butterfly” was mainly to have a corresponding effect with the documentary “Coming Out of the Cocoon As a Butterfly”. It reminded all young people who wanted to walk the E-Sports path: You might not necessarily break out of the cocoon and become a butterfly, you might become trapped in your own cocoon.

Whether one could become a butterfly or not depended on whether one was a butterfly or just a caterpillar.

“What do you think, everyone?” Meng Chang looked around at everyone.

On the surface, he wanted to ask for everyone’s opinions. In fact, Meng Chang had already thought about it. Even if someone objected, he would definitely continue with this plan.

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However, no one raised any objections.

“Not bad, no objections!”

“I’ll start perfecting the details now.”

“I’ll look for the venue and choose the actors.”

The entire advertising and marketing department underwent a 180-degree turn in an instant. Previously, everyone was like a flock of sheep scattered on the green grass plains. At Meng Chang’s command, these sheep immediately had a formation and began to take proper steps!

Meng Chang still felt a little uncomfortable even though he had experienced something similar once.

In his opinion, these colleagues presented two completely different characteristics at the same time.