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In the world you gained after defeating me, were you able to realize the sweet jest of the past?

There is no way to know the answer beyond now.

As such, it may be decided with the child.

Yes, your son.... Hiro...

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『Huh... Even so, this is also something.... You and I have faced each other on many occasions, but... Now we do not fight each other, we simply do the same thing... I am watching over the same man. And you , who should know your own son better than anyone else, know nothing, and now I know your son better....』

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Involuntarily, I looked up at that man in the guest sitting.

He can neither see me, nor can he hear me.

As such, no matter how much I muttered to myself, unless the child is there to hear it, it matters not.

However, I still inadvertently uttered it.

The son of my former nemesis who I guided on a whim.

『The post-war world... I know nothing of the state of this world right now. At least your family does not seem to be faring very well. Rebellion... tis a little difficult to get rid of such with mere words, as you can tell if you look at your son.』

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Although he was of my nemesis’ lineage, nevertheless he was permanently connected with the seal that held me and my obsession.

We now share a peculiar relationship, although tis like playing master and pupil, killing time after over ten years was more than enough.

At the beginning, I stopped the child from fighting in a style reminiscent of Hiro.

Not only because I did not care for it, but I also decided it did not suit the child.

However, when I put it into words and said it directly to the child, I was surprised.

When this 15-year-old boy heard, ‘I don’t have the same talent as my father’, he in turn says to me,

–I-it’s not... Somehow, I have a rather pleasant feeling about this! Not like I’m my father’s son......exactly, more like I’m myself! I feel like a curse upon me has been reduced a little bit, and it made me feel better–