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“How did it happen? How did it happen hmm…?”

For a moment, she showed a troubled face, but then she began to explain, choosing her words carefully.

“I'm not sure how to say it? It’s a form of going along with Airi?”

“What does that mean?”

There were so many choices, I can’t even begin to understand.

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“It means that she’s desperately trying to change. And that’s the same for me. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…there's a part of me that stands out a little more than others, right?”

She said it in a muddled way, but it was without a doubt referring to that which I couldn’t look at.

“I know I shouldn’t care, but the way people look at me makes me uncomfortable.”

I can understand her distress, but from a male psychological perspective, ignoring it is extremely difficult.

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It is inevitable that our eyes will find themselves being drawn to them.

“I chose a slightly daring bathing suit for her to encourage her, and she replied that she would wear it if I wore one too.”

That’s a good reply. I can easily imagine Haruka refusing to wear a flashy swimsuit.

If Haruka refused to wear it, she could say back to her that she won’t either.