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"I'm not going to reject your way of doing things. You're free to succeed your father's will. But if you're going to do that then why did you even allow Kiyotaka to enroll at this school?".

That man seems to harbor some doubts and so he started interrogating Chairman Sakayanagi.

"Why, you ask? After assessing the results of his interview and exams, I concluded that he qualifies for enrollment".

"Don't dodge the question. I am aware this school operates differently from an ordinary one. In the first place, Kiyotaka should not have even be a candidate for admission. I know the interviews and the exams are a farce".

At those words, the expression of Chairman Sakayanagi changed even though he had a pleasant smile on his face up until now.

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"...even though you've already retired from the frontlines, that's very impressive, Ayanokouji-sensei. You're well informed".

"His recommendation to this school should have been submitted in secret. And the moment that was done, his admission to this school had already been decided. Put simply, without a recommendation, even the most excellent student would have been disqualified for entry. Am I wrong?".

It does seem to be a fact that they're talking about things a student like me would never hear otherwise.

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"There's no way Kiyotaka could've been a part of the selection. In other words, it's strange that he wasn't disqualified".

"Yes. That's correct. His name wasn't on the list of students we intend to admit. Normally, when there's an unforeseen application from a student who is not on the list, they are all rejected. As a camouflage for that, we've implemented the interviews and exams. But he's the only one whose admission I approved of based on my own judgement. You may be here to take him back with you but for now, he's a precious student entrusted to us. I have an obligation to protect the students of this school. Even if it's your request, Sensei, there are things I must refuse. As long as he himself does not wish to quit".

Don't fool around, that man spat those words out and turned away from Chairman Sakayanagi to face me.

However, Chairman Sakayanagi continued.

"We will not, of course, disregard the parent's opinion. If you wish for his expulsion then along with Kiyotaka-kun and the school, we will conduct a three way discussion until we reach a consensus".