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"But---I can't forgive I have to take a break from even track and field practice...".

"...don't you feel any shame? Painting lies and ensnaring someone, is that fun for you? Or could it be that Ryuuen-kun set everything up? I doubt that it's mere coincidence you conveniently showed up here".

I cannot afford to accept the legitimacy of her claim just because she cried.

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Because it is a lie.

That's why I decided to take a drastic measure. If he's here then rather than a turn for the worse, I need to carry this situation and turn it into a more favourable one.

"So you're blind to your own shortcomings and now it's the injured Kinoshita's fault as well as mine, huh? You're quite a terrible woman".

"Don't make me laugh. You provoked Sudou-kun a while back, I won't let you say you forgot. You're trying to use that same trick this time around as well, aren't you?".

"That incident had nothing to do with me. It's absurd to tie this matter into that".

At the very least he doesn't seem like he's going to admit to anything.

"It's clear to everyone. That you collided with Kinoshita in a self-destructive act. That clinches it. There is no room for further discussion. Let's go over this with the superiors already, shall we?".

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"That's---would you let me talk this over for a little bit more with Horikita-san.....can I?".

Kushida-san begged Ryuuen-kun as though making an appeal. I'd like to tell her that's unnecessary concern but as for me, I'd rather not help out with anything that could cause this story to spread.

Even though I feel like I'm trapped in a spider's web right now, I can't help but struggle desperately.