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I’ve never seen this kind of exercise before, but naturally Tre’ainar knew it.

『Uh huh, this is how the Shiko is performed...』

Standing in the gap between the seat and the fence, Tre’ainar suddenly showed the same stance as Khaldash ... hey!?


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“Older Brother?”

“Hmm? Big brother, what’s wrong?”


I almost burst out suddenly. However, there are people around me now, so I had no choice but to endure it.

B, but, th, this, surprise attack?

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『As such, spread your legs and knees to the sides, straighten your spine, place your hands on your knees, raise your legs high alternately, and step on the ground powerfully. Dosukoi!』

The Great Demon King opens his crotch... no, no, stop! If I laugh now, it’ll be suspicious!

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『Dosukoi, Dosukoi! See. This will strengthen the waist, gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and trunk.』

「Puhyu... oh, oh .... I see....」