in the money

in the money

I complained to Tre’ainar in my mind, but he still seemed to be enjoying himself as much as ever.

“Un. Water”

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“Ah? Oh, are you giving it to me?”

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“I see… Thank you.”

“…Mufu. Amae… good girl ?.”

At that time, Amae trotted up to me from the opposite corner and gave me some water as well.

Apparently, they’re going to be fair around here.

I took it gratefully, drank it, and poured a bit on my head to calm down.

Them, my mood having settled down, and I calmly recalled the previous offense and defense.

The technique that Mr. Machio performed.

However, the more calmly I think, the more I can’t see the need to properly receive an attack that is so full of openings.

That’s right, it’s impossible to properly get hit.

「I mean, Tre’ainar! What was that about, I shouldn’t dodge it or something… what are you thinking?」