Whether to make money with the mentor

Whether to make money with the mentor

He could tell what Boss Pei was thinking. Boss Pei was worried that if Fei Huang Workspace failed, Huang Sibo and Zhu Xiaoce’s confidence would be greatly affected. That was why he was offering to invest in this project and take sole responsibility if the movie failed!

However, no matter the final outcome of the movie, Fei Huang Workspace would surely gain a lot of experience during the filming process. That would speed up their growth.

Huang Sibo wanted to say many things, but he also felt that he would be acting too formally if he thanked Boss Pei profusely.

Finally, he summarized everything that he wanted to say in a word of thanks.

“We’ll follow Boss Pei’s instructions, then. Fei Huang Workspace will do its best to cooperate and do a good job of filming!

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“There’s another thing, Boss Pei. Fei Huang Workspace cannot make you do all the work for nothing. We will pay you a hundred thousand yuan for your script. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s a token of our appreciation. Please don’t turn it down.”

Huh? A hundred thousand yuan for my script?

Pei Qian had just casually made the suggestion, but when he heard the figure, he perked up immediately.

“Alright! I’ll send you the first draft of the script in a few days!” This was an unexpected surprise!

He had pulled a similar stunt when they filmed Boss Pei’s Daily Life back then. Pei Qian made a guest appearance in the short videos and earned a sum of money for playing himself.

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Now, he had found yet another avenue to earn money.

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He was going to be a scriptwriter! The upper and lower limits of scriptwriters’ market pay were quite far apart. Top scriptwriters could earn a six-figure-sum for writing just one episode’s script. On the other hand, newer scriptwriters only earned a few thousand yuan-or over ten thousand yuan at most-per episode. Even then, they were expected to continuously alter the script at any hour of the day or night.

The System would probably find paying Pei Qian a hundred thousand yuan for writing a movie script acceptable. It would probably not be considered fraudulently acquiring System Funds.

At the same time, there was no need for Pei Qian to write the script in great detail. All he needed to do was offer an idea.

It was a perfect arrangement!

The two men chatted for a while longer until Huang Sibo stood up and bid farewell.

Now that they had officially decided to film a movie, Huang Sibo’s passion for work was reignited.

There was still a lot of work to be done when he returned to Fei Huang Workspace. The most urgent of which was to hire more employees.

After Huang Sibo left, Pei Qian opened a new document and began writing the script.