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「Zahahaha! Obviously! Who on earth would thank their kidnapper?」

Zack, who was sober, laughed while holding his belly in his arms, and brought the glass to his lips again.

「Ngungunggu… Puha… ! A”a… Anyway, Ria. That sparkly one – Allen still isn’t here yet?」

The one who answered the question was Thor, whose face was distorted in agitation.

「Oi, simpleton… We’re hiding this laboratory in my barrier, you know? Who the hell can find this place? Ee?」

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She was pissed as her barrier was made light of.

This time, Ria butted into the conversation.

「-No matter how good the barrier is, Allen will find it soon.」

「What’d you say, you fugly…!」

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「I-I’m not fugly! You’ve been calling me that for a while, how rude…! Aren’t you a shorty then!」

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「You bitch…! Did your parents not teach you not to make fun of other people’s appearances…!?」

「You were the one who called me fugly first…!」

And when Thor and Ria continue to argue nonsense,

「-By the way, Ria. What kind of relationship do you two have? Allen was quite obsessive with you, ya know?」

A slightly drunk Zack, raises questions one by one.

Ria, who was greatly shaken by the unexpected question,

「No, right now we’re still… Well, it has nothing to do with you!」

Her face blushing red.

「Zahahahahaha! Youth! Well, if I had any advice to give you as the senior in life – that guy will shine! He will surely shine brilliantly! Hold tightly onto him so you don’t lose him!」